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How much does my video cost?

During the first contact with potential clients, I am asked, “How much does it cost to produce a video?” Usually, the person inquiring has been insanely vague sharing something such as “We want a training video” or “We’re looking for a commercial — how much will that cost?” There is most often no knowledge of any further details and sometimes it’s just because they aren’t really sure what they need yet. And that’s ok.

There are so many variables to consider when creating a video. Every video we have ever produced has been totally unique. Asking “how much does it cost?” is like walking into a restaurant and asking how much will dinner cost? Are you buying a salad and water, or Filet Mignon, maybe a fine wine and baked Alaska?

I want you to be an informed consumer. To know what it takes to produce a quality video and what exactly are you paying for. In this message, I will share with you the elements that make up a video and the options that are available to you as the video buyer, so that you can make the best choices for your final investment, an investment in your company, your exposure, and your marketing. I will also share my thoughts on how, as a professional, I might guide you through the decision-making process so that you can avoid over-spending or possibly creating something that in the end, does not work for you.

Doing it yourself.

These days, almost everyone has a mobile device that records in high definition and video cameras are relatively inexpensive and easy to come by. There are even home editing systems that come standard on operating systems. So, how hard can it be to record a video yourself?

What you may not have is the experience in production or other equipment (proper lighting, proper audio, etc.) needed to make a high quality video. More often than not, if you try to make your own video using your phone, iPad, or camera, you risk the chance of making mistakes. In some cases these people will only THEN hire a company in order to “fix” the low cost video and it ends up costing more than if they had hired them from the beginning.

As a professional, I am selling my years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the industry. It’s not just about hitting the record button. Owning a gourmet oven doesn’t make you a gourmet cook.

Even if you have a fantastic script and a riveting subject, the quality of your video will make a huge impact on its ultimate effectiveness. This quality is made up of many elements, and it will either help you reach your goals, or will it do the opposite.

A quality video, done by an established video production company, has a “look and feel” that will influence viewers, get them to pay attention, and keep them engaged.

Price Can Impact the look and feel of your video.

A 30-second commercial can be made for a thousand dollars or for a million dollars. To a large extent, your investment allotment will determine how far you can go with your video. It comes down to you, the client, deciding what expenses are reasonable to achieve your objectives, while balancing that with the reality of your available funds and near future funds if you work out a payment plan. If you have Aston Martin dreams with a Ford Fiesta budget it may be necessary to scale down in some way, and we can help you with that if we know your range.

Here are a list of elements we must consider during the video planning stage:

The number of locations – Multiple locations can increase the time needed for the crew to set up, break down and to travel. The locations themselves may have costs involved.

Set location – If you have a place to shoot, it can save you a lot of money. Shooting in a studio or other rented venue can add cost.

Set design – This can vary from $0 to millions. Will you be shooting in your existing office, or do you require a set built from scratch?

Type of cameras used – Depending on the type of shoot and the final use of the video, this can vary widely. For example, will your video be shown on TV? If so you must have a broadcast quality camera. Will it be shown to a small audience on a TV screen in an office, or on a massive screen during a conference? The larger the screen, the better the quality must be.

Number of cameras – Different camera angles and shot techniques will also determine the quality of your video. Having more than one camera can make a world of difference in not only the final look of the video, but the time it takes to edit.

Lighting – For some shoots, a few portable lights will be fine. Depending on things like the end use of the video and the set, there can be a need for more extensive lighting.

Actors & Voice-over talentProfessionals cost money, but they are often well worth it. The range from amateur Voice-over talent vs Pro can be $200 vs $500 for your 3-minute script.

Titles, graphics & animation – A few simple titles and inserted graphics shouldn’t add much to your cost. Costs go up if there are many of these, if your own graphics need work to be adapted to video, or if a graphic artist is required for more involved work.

Music – We pay for the rights to use music each time there is a “needle drop.”

Editing variables – There are many things that can impact the number of hours needed for editing. The length of the video can impact editing time needed. A fast paced video with many edits can take longer to edit than a slower paced show. If there are many cuts that must be covered in edit, which is a factor to consider as well. Most production companies charge by the hour, so this can make a big difference to your end price.

Deadline – If a quick crunch deadline is necessary, at times it could mean higher production costs in order to get the job done on time.

Within most of these elements the costs can vary widely. As the customer, you have the ability to impact your final cost by making the best decisions for your project with the guidance of your producer or creative director upfront, before taping even begins.   A good Creative Director will spend time with you discussing your vision for the video, along with your needs, objectives and budget. That is why we have a questionnaire and a get acquainted phone call to delve into this answers and issues. Production companies can then make recommendations offering the best possible alternatives. In the end, your video will cost whatever you choose based on what you wish your desired results to be, along with your budget.

For outstanding quality at competitive prices call us f22 Video Solutions today! We love to discuss how we can help you create your high quality video at our competitive prices and give you a real Return on your Investment, more people staying on your website, more clients and a quicker YES time for those who see your videos and help build your business.



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