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Client Questionnaire

006sHere is a brief list of questions we ask our clients after they’ve contacted us for a project.  This information will help us understand what the client is looking for and provides us the opportunity to prepare for our first pre-production phone call or meeting.

1. What is your message? For example, are you selling a service or product, training/instructional video, video blog, etc
2. Why did you pick a video as your tool?
3. What is the purpose of the video?
4. Are there any previous project examples that will guide us?
5. When do you need it?
6. What results are you looking for, what do you want to achieve with this video?
7. Who is your audience?
8. Where are you going to show this? How will it get seen? Website, Show, Community Event, Youtube Channel, DVD distribution, etc.
9. Do you need help setting up a Youtube, Landing Page, or Social Media Account?
10. Do you have a budget for this investment?
11. Do you have a preference for they type of video you would like?  Here are some examples:


  • Documentary – Informative program with a voice-over narration accompanying the visuals


  • Lecture – Narration or “talk” given by a presenter possibly with visuals.


  • Drama or role-play reconstruction – A story (fact or fiction) produced using actors to play the characters.  Could also include Voice Over narration, b-roll, moving or still graphics.


  • Product trailer/pitch – Short 1-2 minute video


  • Infomercial – Narration voice-over with animations, images, and text


  • Customer testimonial


  • Corporate Presentation
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