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Self-made businesswoman Alexis Doty brings her 23 years in the media production industry to help organizations and individuals who are ready to step beyond the conventional forms of marketing.  From her start as a local cable volunteer to working with top CEOs and Ivy League professors, Alexis maintains an active connection and expert knowledge in all aspects of the photography and video industries. She does it all right now, talk about juggling many hats! Passionate about her industry and her business, she is self-taught where her college classes ended.

After being at a contract job in video production for 9 years and feeling unchallenged and not living up to her full potential, she felt a desire to live her life purpose and owning her own company was what the universe was telling her to do. In an industry largely operated by men, f22 Video Solutions prides themselves on being able to provide the “woman’s touch.”   Two busy moms run this company, because it’s their passion and purpose. They know the importance of your hard-earned money, attention to detail, connecting to your audience, and living in faith that our own vision will become reality.

In all the years behind the camera, Alexis lept out of her comfort zone. January 2014 marked the first time she jumped in front of the camera to do her own Irresistible Free Offer, this was 24 years after her television professor said “stay behind the camera.” Well not anymore!

In her spare time when she’s not editing until 10pm or burning DVDs she loves to help out as room mom and watch her two kids excel at soccer, swimming and springboard diving. Her husband and high school sweetheart fills in as web designer and all around computer guru – it’s helpful having your own IT department at home for emergencies.

See what our customers are saying about taking something off of their busy day to day activities: our video marketing and helping them get their message out there in a big way with visual solutions with less hassle on their part– no more tablet videos.

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