Alexis Doty

Alexis Doty is the owner and Chief Creativity Officer of F22 Video Solutions. Her experience crosses 27 years in the industry starting from her student work at community television writing and directing her own show while completing her degree. She continued her career working with several companies, big and small, including multiple Fortune 500 companies, until now where she has started her own company to continue her dream of helping people get their message seen.

Helping others make their message heard and seen is what motivates Alexis. The light that shines when a client message is complete drives her to continue to help others bring their thoughts and designs to life. Alexis’ appetite for others’ success allowed her to turn her clients’ ideas into triumphs. With successful positions at Georgia Power, The Home Depot, Coca-Cola and others she has solidified a history of winning projects. Alexis balances her work with her time with her active sports family as it keeps her grounded. Even her family have experience in the video industry and they can often be found helping and working with her on shoots.

Alexis and her team at F22 Video Solutions is ready to help you with your next project. Her creative team can help you bring your real and compelling story to life. Reach out to to connect with her!

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