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You have your idea. You have the plan. Do you have the message? Too often companies fail because they can’t reach their customers on a meaningful level. The message hasn’t taken shape, or the message isn’t clear. The words fail to come, or there just isn’t the technical know-how to create the message at all. This is where we come in. We have spend 27 years assisting companies, big and small, to tell their stories. Stories of all shapes and sizes. We can bring all this experience to you, bring your idea to life, and put it out for the world to see. Your story deserves the very best. Contact us today to get started. Let your story live.


“My son Jake has made great strides in footwork, throwing mechanics and his understanding of defenses and proper reads has really boosted his confidence.

Jake was just named QB MVP at the Next Level Combine despite being a Freshman competing with over 2 dozen upperclassmen QB’s. That is a direct result of the hard work put in with Coach Mac and Authority Football!”

Ray Lewis, Father of Jake (Freshman)


There’s a reason that an unprecedented number of collegiate freshman Quarterbacks are starting (and winning National Championships) – it’s simply because they maximized playing reps in high school because they started as freshmen in high school.

They started as freshmen because they began training as a quarterback as a youth player.

The ONLY way a player will take the sole starting QB position as a freshman over the average of 12 QBs trying out in the spring is if he possesses superior athletic gifts in speed, power, or size, or if he’s trained and developed to be accurate, intelligent, and autonomous.

If your QB is both, read no further.

If he’s untrained however, he will be at a disadvantage he will eventually not be able to overcome.

The challenge is that there are only two people who usually can help the young QB – his father-figure and his coach – and almost never have I met an athlete with father or a coach who actually knew how to coach quarterbacks.

The cost of not getting professional quarterback training is simply the irrefutable and premature end of your son or athlete’s QB dreams. No pressure, dad or mom:)


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Founder and Coach

Coach Mac on a football field

Coach Mac is a recognized QB guru specializing in biomechanical mastery, champions’ mindset, and leader development. He has been a professional coach for over 20 years working with thousands of athletes and students, and is an executive leader in the business world…

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